Dallas shuddered in sweet anticipation yesterday as the fashion-shattering news rippled through every stylish cable on the Internet—Karl Lagerfeld plans to host a Chanel show in Dallas—oh my, there truly is a God!

This week, WWD hosted the CEO Summit in New York, attended by Mr Lagerfeld—who escaped industry discussions to sit with WWD for a chat and chat he did.  Lagerfeld stated, ”In a year, I will go to Dallas. You know why? First of all, I love Texas. I love Texans. There’s another reason. When Chanel reopened, the French press was beyond nasty. The only press that understood it immediately was the American press, and Neiman Marcus gave her the Oscar for her collection, so I think it’s a nice thing to go there.” I couldn’t agree more.

In addition to his quote, let’s not forget about the impending launch of his eponymous Watch collection: Karl Lagerfeld, his licensing partner—Dallas-based Fossil Inc. The Kaiser has more reasons than one, to love Dallas. The Watch collection launches at the end of February in collaboration with Paris Fashion Week, and the opening of “world of Karl” a boutique on the Boulevard Saint-Germain.

My Karl Lagerfeld Watch.

If you attended the event FIRST LOOK in October last year at the Rachofsky House, the pre-cursor to the main gala for TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art, you would’ve been bequeathed with a goody on your departure. The gifted sleek, black packaging contained an exclusive special edition watch from Karl Lagerfeld. Divine!  It certainly didn’t end at the watches, Mr Lagerfeld offered himself as a live auction item, which included a private portrait sitting with Mr Lagerfeld. Talented from all angles, including a camera, one lucky bidder scored the once-in-a-lifetime prize to be photographed by Mr Lagerfeld at a pretty penny—but all for a worthy cause, of course.

Karl Lagerfeld: Sketch of the Manchette Watch.

Karl’s lucky number seven coincides with seven styles in the collection, such as a cuff-like watch that unzips, and stainless steel bracelets—timepieces that resemble a fashion accessory, multipurpose and very Karl. As Karl fever continues to beguile every fashionista at every age, you can purchase a Karl Lagerfeld watch priced from $150-$595 from Bloomingdales in March.

In the meantime, Dallas waits with bated breath for any news on the Kaiser’s royal arrival. I’ve already heard some murmurs…but my lips are sealed for now.