A secret invitation to attend a secret spring presentation is most certainly a RSVP not to turn down, especially when it means basking in the glory of Victoria Beckham. Last month, I smiled with glee as I read the invitation, Victoria in Dallas, fancy that, presenting her sumptuous Spring 2013 collection at the Neiman Marcus downtown store—of course.

You are more likely to acquire a ticket to the moon than getting an invitation to see the show during New York Fashion Week, so an exclusive appearance in Dallas with a limited guest list was simply heart palpitating.



I cleared my schedule nothing was going to mess with my Beckham time, it seemed the most natural thing in the world, to finally meet the girl who stole my life in the early nineties, yes, when I was auditioning for a girls pop group in London, (yes, I do have some stories) and, I’m the one who actually studied fashion design, and was a designer—shocking! But how exciting that our paths would cross in Dallas.

The eclectic gathering of Dallas ladies hummed in sweet anticipation waiting to see the Queen of posture-induced dresses.  The runway and seating elegantly styled amidst the backdrop of the first floors giant chandelier set the stage for an exquisite presentation.

Jim Gold President of Specialty Retail for Neiman Marcus Group introduced Mrs Beckham, who sweetly greeted Dallas’ stylish doyennes saying, “I’ve never seen so many diamonds” and “so many gorgeously glamorous women,”  —with comments like that, this crowd was sold!

Since I’ve already intently studied the collection online, I know what to expect, and I know I will not be disappointed. Sure enough, every outfit up-close and personal was a moment of pure poshdom. Before I knew it, Tina Craig of BagSnob jumped up with a microphone in hand—the presentation was over, and Craig and Beckham sat on stools in front of everyone for an intimate Q&A.

When I hear a British accent, I get all melancholy and miss home. And when corrections on Brit-speak versus American lingo, such as, is it a jumper or a sweater, or, is it a pant or trouser—I smile at the cuteness of such oddities, and Mrs Beckham had to translate for the ladies. She was entertaining, demure and humble, she even asked ladies to stay and “girly shop” with her—now who could turn down that offer.

At the end of the event, as ladies tried to decide whether to race over and crush her with excitement or meander slowly to where she was standing. I decided to glide through the crowd for a closer peek—suddenly there she was standing right in front of me, oops, I did not imagine that would be so easy. Thanks to Tina Craig of BagSnob.com, she graciously introduced me to Victoria as a fellow Brit, and her response was, “What are you doing here?” I cowardly didn’t tell her that I was actually supposed to be Posh Spice, ha, but we did speak briefly before the next guests inched their way within her personal space. So, that was it, I finally met Victoria Beckham—of course, she was on her best behaviour, she was selling and entertaining, but she was totally sweet, totally at ease and a pleasure to meet.

The one thing I will remember, besides the fact that her collection is drop-dead gorgeous, she has the most beautiful smile.