As New York Fashion Week calls it a wrap this September, Dallas’ style aficionados will experience fashion as an alternative form—like visual art. A first for art space SITE131, as Joan Davidow director and curator of the gallery, debut’s a fashion presentation titled How Fitting It Is, featuring Danish textile artist Anne Damgaard.

The Eternal Moment, 2017 by Anne Damgaard

The Eternal Moment, 2017, by Anne Damgaard

A visual artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Damgaard, graduated from the Danish School of Art and Design in 1997 and pursued her fascination with textiles as an artist and a designer. Utilizing the unique properties of fabrics as her medium of choice—Damgaard works with delicate gauzes, creating layers of movement in light and dark that transcend textiles into a form of expression. Never imagined as actual items of clothing, these works of art, architectural sculptures, are the assimilation between the form of the female body and textiles.

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