Let’s talk punk! As an impressionable young girl fascinated with fashion and street style my Dr Martens and drainpipe jeans, were the closest I ever got to imitating a punk, although I do recall back-combing my hair, high above my head with copious amounts of hairspray, and rocking a Katherine Hamnett knock-off t-shirt. But, if we are really talking punk style, then without a doubt tartan, fishnets and spikes, dog-collar chokers, ripped t-shirts, a corset, leather, knuckle gloves, a mohawk, facial piercings, drainpipe jeans (in tartan preferably), Dr Martens and flashes of neon and graffiti are punk de rigueur.

Punk Chaos to Couture at The Met

Punk Chaos to Couture Exhibition at The Met.

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