Christian Dior an Haute Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Fashion and art simply oscillate in perfect harmony, and with respect to the master of couture, Mr Christian Dior — undeniably the combination resonated with him throughout this career.

Christian Dior Designer of Dreams

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum

Departing his early career days as an art gallerist, Dior turned his artistic viewpoint to haute couture as a fashion designer infatuated with the female form, and Dior’s revolutionary “New Look” allowed women to finally dress feminine again. Postwar, a cinched waist with a curved figure became the epitome of the 1950s silhouette for women, a look that continues to echo throughout recent collections.

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A Serious Little Satchel

A last minute trip to England in December to visit my family before Christmas included a couple of nights in London. For anyone who knows me well, knows that I will always find time to visit my favorite store: Liberty. The challenge—to purchase a British made product, a selfish gift for me!  The iconic Tudor building is a treasure trove of goodies, and during this past visit I encountered a melancholy moment when I saw this snakeskin-style satchel—it screamed must-have!

As a child, a school satchel was your dreary, dull bag that carried your books to school every day, but over the last couple of year’s traditional manufacturing methods have returned, and this little leather bag has become a retro trend, re-birthed as a stylish version of its former self.

Flowers, neon, polka dot, metallic and bold colours dazzle this sturdy little handmade cross-body, top-handle tote.  What was once a boring accessory as part of your school uniform now rocks any outfit—and now adds a smile to my day.

At Liberty, I chose the cracked snakeskin print leather satchel—Zatchels lovingly handmade in England. Ahh, xoxo.