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Artrinity – Postcards of Positivity benefiting Artist Relief

Good things do come in small packages, and a polite little postcard, a token of positive communication, is the inspiration behind the second project for Artrinity — the art venture I share with my business partners Joyce Goss and Kenny Goss. The exhibition, Postcards of Positivity, During the Pandemic, evolved from our conversations during the initial days of the Coronavirus lockdown, we all agreed, “We need to do something!”

Maja, 2020, ink on paper, 4 x 6 inches, Francisco Moreno

Maja, 2020, ink on paper, Francisco Moreno

Post Suspension II, 2020, watercolor and collage on paper, 4 x 6 inches, Juan Alberto Negroni

Post Suspension II, 2020, watercolor and collage on paper, Juan Alberto Negroni

Mother Tongue II, 2020, graphite on paper, 4 x 6 inches, Corrie Thompson

Mother Tongue II, 2020, graphite on paper, Corrie Thompson

Before, 2020, charcoal on paper, 4 x 6 inches, Adam Ball

Before, 2020, charcoal on paper, Adam Ball

For me, philanthropic philosophies thrive during moments of critical circumstances, with the innate desire to serve and to initiate a cause for action. Selfishly perhaps, yet always propelling, the need to give, to think beyond oneself, rather than dwell on the impossible — it helps to focus on others by using one’s capabilities.

As we all grappled with the concept of COVID-19, a sense of shock seeped through my soul and the quote from Maya Angelou, resonated through my mind, “I have found among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.” And artists have given, supporting their community!

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Marquis Duriel Lewis aka RETNA exhibits Dovetail Mortises and Peluca Grande

A significant thunderstorm almost eclipsed the opening night for the exhibition of Dovetail Mortises & Peluca Grande by L.A.-based graffiti artist Marquis Duriel Lewis (aka RETNA) last week, presented by The Goss-Michael Foundation.

Marquis Duriel Lewis, RETNA, shot by Joshua White

Marquis Duriel Lewis, aka RETNA. Photo by Joshua White.

That night, ardent street-graffiti fans, intrigued art patrons and RETNA’s sweet Mum, who had come to Dallas to enjoy her son’s celebration—waited for his imminent yet delayed arrival. Sadly, the private jet was rerouted north of Dallas to avoid the storms; however, the crowd continued to revel amid the revered artwork, soaking in the vibrant abstract storytelling of RETNA’s Brimstones.

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A Night of Stars Honored at the Historic Hall of State

A red carpet stretched towards the Art Deco façade of Texas’ historic Hall of State at Fair Park for the star-studded arrival of Fashion Group International of Dallas’ annual Night of Stars honorees and guests.

Britt Harless, Ken Weber and Heidi Dillon at Hall of State

Britt Harless, Ken Weber and Heidi Dillon

Every year this event sparkles with talent and the 2017 rendition early November at the Hall of State continued to dazzle. Thanks to FGI Dallas board members and co-chairs Heidi Dillon and Britt Harless, with the ever-dapper honorary chair Chuck Steelman, and FGI Dallas regional director Ken Weber.

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