Katie Holmes is the Yin, in Jeanne’s Yang, a rarefied fusion of celebrity notoriety with tangible versatility that equates to a collection of ease and subtle luxury.  Homegrown—the Holmes & Yang collection is 100% made in the USA, mostly in Manhattan and also LA and currently only available in a few boutiques.  Fortunately, we can thank Brian Bolke at Forty Five Ten and his discerning eye for making the exclusive collection available in Dallas. Brian invited me to chat with Katie’s partner Jeanne Yang, and needless to stay Jeanne is a doll, and I am enamoured with the collection. It’s all in the detail; quite literally precision and perfection poise Holmes & Yang for success.

Max: Tell me about your design background?  Yang: I started my career working at a magazine, Detour—which is now Flaunt magazine, as a managing editor. It featured Keanu Reeves, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz, who were all very young and had just started out—Charlize Theron was still a model at the time.  I was really interested in the fashion portion, so I decided to change careers, and worked for a small line called Product. We had a teeny, tiny store in West Hollywood; within two years of being there, we went from a few boutiques to 300 doors, with in-store boutiques in every Bloomingdales.

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