Just Cos Beauty Comes From a Bar

BEAUTY. Last December, a coterie of beauty devotees gathered at Grange Hall for a pretty little lunch hosted by Tina Craig, in honour of Lily Garfield founder of Cos Bar, a speciality cosmetics retailer.

On our introduction by Ms Craig, we chatted, and of course Lily was charming, demure and appropriately fervent about an industry she’s spent the last 40-years conquering. I shared with Lily that I frequented the Cos Bar every visit to Aspen; her original boutique offers a much-needed concept, situated so far away in the Rocky Mountains. Lily shared that she had wanted to break into the Dallas market for many years, but finally found a great location. Amidst a fine feast with friends, our beautiful chatter continued—Tina introduced Lily to Dallas, and Dallas to Lily, and we all bonded over creams, potions, lotions, fragrances and lipsticks and waited for the new store opening.

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Homes and Tomes with Tadao Ando, Jan Showers and Aerin Lauder

Architectural design, glamorous interiors and beauty from within—three very different people, three very different books, yet each one shares the same desire—to create the perfect home.

Since I am currently obsessed with anything to do with architecture, interiors and creating a beautiful home (my husband and I are currently renovating a mid-century modern ranch, so more to come on that later), this home selection of coffee table hardcovers is apt in every way.  I’ve met two of the authors, the lovely Jan Showers is every inch as elegant as you would imagine, and Aerin Lauder is sweet, sassy and supremely sophisticated. Alas, I’ve never met Mr Ando who is the subject of admiration for author Philip Jodidio.

Modern, glamorous and beautiful, these three books will certainly inspire your domicile desires.

Tadao Ando Houses by Philip Jodidio

Tadao Ando Houses by Philip Jodidio

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AERIN: A Conversation with Aerin Lauder

Earlier this month I met with Aerin Lauder at a cocktail reception hosted in her honour by Ken Downing and Neiman Marcus. Aerin was visiting Dallas to showcase her recently launched beauty line, and chat about her Holiday 2012 Color Collection: An Evening Out and An Evening In.  Post-cocktails, I visited Neiman Marcus at NorthPark Center the next day to chat with Aerin. So, how does one achieve effortless beauty? Aerin knows how…

Tell me about the Holiday Collection?  It’s a wonderfully edited collection that’s really about an evening in or an evening out, very festive, there are two neutral lipsticks—in every collection that we do, I love neutrals and nudes, it’s something that I feel very strong about and it’s something that is unique about this brand. We’ve got the two fashion colours, pinks and deep plum that comes out quite cheery when you put it on and then two nudes, and then these wonderful two new lip glosses that I love.  The palette is really wonderful you can’t make a mistake with it, it’s very easy to apply, easy to mix the colours, and the highlighter on the left is easy for your cheekbone or brow bone, and it’s very easy to update a look from day to evening.

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The Founder’s Cut: vbeauté, in it to win it.

Lifestyle Chat: I interviewed Julie Macklowe founder of vbeauté back in December, and finally posted the story vbeauté: The ‘It’ Kit on PinkMemo this week. Evidently cloning oneself is still not available, so yes; it took a month to get this published, oh well. Better late than never!

Brian Bolke owner at boutique Forty Five Ten asked me to meet with Julie and sample her new beauty line vbeauté. So I headed to the boutique with Starbucks in hand, iPad ready, and Julie and I got beautifully acquainted.

 Vanessa Cornell, Allison Aston and Julie MackloweVanessa Cornell, Allison Aston and Julie Macklowe

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