As spring 2020 unveils its dramatic arrival, we are all mostly stressed out as the pandemic of COVID-19 embraces the globe with an uncertainty of what’s next. Besides the impending unknown of how long we will all be trapped at home, I’m just going to keep thinking about the same topic that’s been on my mind for a while: sustainable style, and how our shopping habits can change the world.

Sustainable Style, spring 2020


For me, food and fashion seem to share a similarity these days, it’s all about the ingredients. While one dish might taste super delicious when you review the finer elements of the recipe, there’s a reason why it tasted so good! I do try to substitute sugar, indulge in fewer fats, control carbs, abstain from gluten, forget about lectins, don’t even think about dairy, and meat—totally taboo! It’s a proverbial minefield of decisions about how to live the healthiest version of yourself while supporting the food chain and its effects on our environment.

And much can be said about the fashion industry and how we shop for style. When was the last time you really considered the effects of how a garment was made, is the composition of the fabric environmentally friendly, are manufacturing workers ethically managed, is the brand producing sustainably designed garments? Is anything in fashion recycled, upcycled, reduced, or reinvented? There are a plethora of businesses doing a lot, some doing nothing at all, and many trying to make a significant change on how they supply consumers with bonafide #sustainablefashion.

As particular as I am about every ingredient I devour daily, my shopping habits have reached critical comparisons. Not to be so judgemental, only focusing on the positive, and as the saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, there are options to consider for curating a wardrobe full of sustainable style.

This first iteration, a blog post focusing on the said topic, is a collective of styles for instant gratification. As shown above, a colour scheme that currently piques my attention for the remaining springs days left in our absurd germ-infested world. Maybe we can walk the dog dressed in a pair of white mules, or commute to work from your bedroom to your living room in a faux fur jacket. However you take your sugar in life, here’s a little serving of sorbet during the drama of Coronavirus, feast your eyes and your environmental consciousness on this gathering of garments.

This little edit of sustainable style can be interchangeable and pull together a few sartorial looks. From the left, this A.W.A.K.E. Mode, faux leather midi dress, $725, is absolutely a silhouette I love, perhaps adorned with flat sandals. I have a pair of Alepel flats, which are super comfortable, and I love this white mule, hand-painted pair with pineapples, this colour combination is an appropriate palette for multiple outfits. The natural straw bag, by Sarah’s Bag, is available on Maison de Mode. Boxed within a walnut wood frame, with clever little budgies as a unique brass clasp, $550, and I love it combined with the Unreal dream jacket, $295, by Unreal Fur, along with the faux leather midi skirt, $778, by Deveaux. Eco-warrior Vivienne Westwood, notes this sketch t-shirt, with a slogan Dangerous Animals, Save the Rainforest, $177, worn with faux leather cropped pants, $595, by Rejina Pyo, and these cool kickers by Stella McCartney, Eclypse chunky sneakers, $480.



So back to the food comparison, if you’re focused on the ingredients, you consume into your body and how the supply chain affects the environment, then maybe consider the impact of consuming fashion. Much more to chat about on this topic…