A collaboration between a magazine, an artist and a fashion designer, defines a trifecta of fascination for me, add Ms Johansson into the mix, and this combination packs a powerful thespian punch! As If, Scarlett Johansson and David Salle should meet!

As If Magazine, Scarlett Johansson

As If Magazine, cover star Scarlett Johansson wearing David Salle print dress.

American artist David Salle concluded his London exhibition titled, ‘Musicality and Humor’ with Skarstedt Gallery this past May, by including his works within As If Magazine’s latest cover story. The magazine, known for its Art of Collaboration editorial style, produced this stellar work of art for Volume 15 of the biannual publication. Directed by Salle, starring Scarlett Johansson, the fashion shoot features limited-edition dresses designed by Peter Hidalgo with emblazoned prints of Salle’s latest body of work from, ‘Musicality and Humor.’

Autumn Rhythm, David Salle, 2018

Autumn Rhythm, David Salle, 2018, David Salle, oil and acrylic on linen.

Salle is known for his humour and objectification of pop culture, and as always he focuses on overtly dramatized compositions, both pictorial and cartoonish. Depicting a symbolic narrative of history painting in black and white drawings and brightly coloured acrylic, these significant works make for fascinating fashion prints. To see an art medium evolve from the flatness of an exhibition wall to the curves of the female form adds another dimension of artistic creativity.

Equivalence, 2018, David Salle

Equivalence, 2018, David Salle, oil and acrylic on linen.

If only all magazine cover stories could be this creative, kudos to As If editor-in-chief Tatijana Shoan who also photographed the shoot. Works of art, the limited-edition and made-to-measure dresses will be numbered and signed by Salle.

The dresses feature a silk/cotton t-shirt dress, $3,100, an off-the-shoulder cocktail dress, $3,500, and a strapless corset-style midi-dress, $3,950. All available to covet this Fall, either online at AsIfMag.com, or at select retailers.