HEALTH. Technically speaking I am a Goddess, and who doesn’t want to be a goddess! But the title of Goddess is the term used for fundraisers of Project Athena Foundation. A non-profit organization that helps women survivors of a medical setback achieve their inner Athena—recovery through training to participate in an endurance adventure.

Renee Rouleau, Gail Davis, Max Trowbridge

Renee Rouleau, Gail Davis, Max Trowbridge at Riverplace Nature Trail, Austin

At the end of August, I will check-off my bucket list a hike across the Grand Canyon, thanks to the 16-week training schedule and the supportive coaches at Project Athena. On August 28 I will hike from the South Rim to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon—a 24-mile hike in one day starting at 1 am until we finish.

Why am I doing this? Good question! It’s all thanks to my girlfriend Renee Rouleau and Gail Davis’s mischievous scheming, and an invitation to join them on this endurance escapade. With a charitable notion in mind, Renee and Gail thought it would be a fun challenge while fundraising for the Project Athena Foundation, and it’s certainly all of that—the reward will be to experience the camaraderie of the team and encourage brave Athena’s in completing the hike. I am no Athena, I’m in tip-top health with no recent health issues, and this training to date has been gruelling while fun, and a big commitment on time. So, kudos, to the ladies who I will meet at the end of the month, who’ve battled a medical experience yet still found their inner Athena to train and participate in this hiking endeavour.

In preparation for the hike, I’ve spent more time at REI lately than shopping for this season’s latest fashion. Bye, bye stilettoes, hello hiking boots, headlights and electrolyte tablets! Forget who’s the latest designer at Lanvin, I can’t keep up, instead, I am now fully aware of how much water I need to drink, how many calories I need to eat every hour, on the hour. Begone my favourite summer sips of Rosé wine, my respite, my sanity, and welcome smoothies and juices and protein. A Goddess wasn’t made in a day, nope, weeks of training, sweating, and aching—and with four weeks to go, bring it on!

ps: I’m self-funding the hike, that said, a small token of encouragement would be greatly welcomed, a friendly high five along the way works wonders. And do check out Project Athena Foundation, maybe you would like to participate in the next adventure. xoxo