Exhibition: This past chilly Saturday evening in Dallas, if you were not staring at glitter panda paintings, then you missed the opening celebration at the Dallas Contemporary featuring New York artist Rob Pruitt.

Rob Pruitt Panda Exhibition at Dallas Contemporary

Rob Pruitt Exhibition at Dallas Contemporary

Executive Director Peter Dorenshenko brings forth yet another amazing artful feat—made specifically for the Dallas Contemporary, this is Pruitt’s first major institutional exhibition in the United States, and his largest.  With so many pandas under one roof I wanted to eat bamboo!


I posed quite happily with one Panda, a handsome bear and perfectly poised. As the camera clicked, I sensed someone behind me, I turned around with glee to find Rob Pruitt standing next to me—this was truly a panda perfect moment with Pruitt, so I snapped another.

Me with Rob Pruitt (not a terribly great shot, but my fave).

It’s a question of what kind of panda do you relate to, a panda on the loo, a panda with a pink Mohican, a panda eating bamboo, WWF WTF panda’s? This menagerie of panda pop culture all monochromatic and glittery never gets old—the playful nature of pandas and Pruitt are simply precious.

In addition to Rob Pruitt, visit the exhibitions by David Jablonowski, and Austin-based artist Failure—the trilogy is triumphant and a contemporary treat.  All exhibitions are showing now through March 18th. Visit Dallas Contemporary for more details.