OMG at Ylang 23 with jewellery designer Raphaele Canot

Accessories: OMG! And I’m not kidding; that’s the reaction I uttered under my breath when I slipped on a gold bracelet by Parisian, London-based jewellery designer Raphaele Canot. Not merely an emphatic statement of admiration, but also the title of Canot’s collection—OMG!

Jewelry designer Raphaele Canot

Jewellery designer Raphaele Canot

The symbol of a pair of lips set in an open-mouth style is a witty yet whimsical design offered in gold, or with red, black and white enamel, trimmed with Pavé diamonds. OMG!, bracelets, rings—single or stacked, and a necklace that doubles as a ring, play well with her collection Keep Smiling, more lips, this time a tad more pouty that just makes you smile.

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Forty Five Ten a luxury emporium in downtown Dallas

Style: A hard hat is not my usual weekend attire, but when my friend Brian Bolke president and co-founder of Forty Five Ten asked to meet downtown for a rendezvous at the new store while still slightly under construction, I happily traded my Saturday morning yoga pants for safety goggles. I was honoured to get a sneak peek into the luxury flagship store Forty Five Ten on Main Street in the heart of Downtown Dallas before the grand opening event.

Forty Five Ten on Main Entrance

The entrance to Forty Five Ten on Main Street

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Nha Khanh at the Emmy Awards: It’s a Red Thing

Style: I really could not make up my mind, red or black? Last week I stood with Khanh Nguyen in her showroom, Nhã Khanh atelier, as she measured me for a pair of high-waist, wide-legged pants. Khanh had just returned from New York the night prior and was in a secretively happy mood.

The pants, well, I had seen Khanh wearing her design a few months prior at a Fashion Group International of Dallas event we attended, and I had told her those pants were a must-have. So as we stood staring at the sample last week, Khanh convinced me that red was the best choice, after all, it’s her favourite colour. Two days after my fitting, I picked up my red pants ready to wear to the exhibition opening for Bruce Weber “Far From Home” at the Dallas Contemporary on Saturday evening.

Max Trowbridge and Bruce Weber at the Joule Hotel

Max Trowbridge and Bruce Weber at the Joule Hotel

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Bag Obsession: Big, Bold and Embellished styles for Fall 2016

I’m equal parts a bag fiend with a shoe fetish, and it’s only budget and self-control that stop the incessant desire to purchase every ‘It’ bag and must-have heel that tantalises my senses every season. Fall 2016 is abundant with bags of every shade, size and decoration, but I’m obsessed and intrigued with this selection below in metallic, pink, embellishments, animal accents and bold statements.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

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Dallas Designers head to the Saint Louis Fashion Incubator

I am not sure if I should rejoice with fashionable hallelujahs for the good fortune of Dallas-based handbag designer Allison Mitchell and fashion designer Charles Smith of Smith II, or selfishly shed a tear for Dallas, as we lose two local talents in one swoop to St. Louis. The designers are packing their creative bags and are moving to St. Louis, Missouri for a two-year residency program with the Saint Louis Fashion Incubator that begins January 2017. Clap, clap, sniff, and sniff!

Saint Louis Fashion Incubator, Charles Smith II

Donald Charles Smith Brame II

Kudos to Mitchell and Smith, after garnering the judge’s attention from a national search to select the inaugural class of six designers. The entire process included 43 applicants from 11 states and 16 cities, and they made the proverbial cut. The other four designers—Agnes Hamerlik – Chicago, Emily Koplar – St. Louis, Audra Noyes – Delaware/NYC, and Reuben Reuel Riddick – Brooklyn, NY. And said judges, no slouches here—Lisa Smilor, executive vice president, CFDA, Fern Mallis, creator of New York Fashion Week and industry consultant, designer Timo Weiland, Christine Barberich, global editor-in-chief and founding member of Refinery29, Michael Fink, dean, School of Fashion, Savannah College of Art and Design, and Gary Wassner, Hilldun CEO and chairman of Interluxe Holdings LLC.

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An Aromatic Twist with Clive Christian

Beauty: For one long luxurious hour, I had the infinite pleasure of sitting tête-tête with Clive Christian over coffee at the Four Seasons in Las Colinas. And who is Mr Christian one might ask? Not only did he create the concept of designing exquisite kitchens with chandeliers as the focal point under his Clive Christian Interiors brand, but he is also the purveyor of the world’s most expensive perfumes.

Clive Christian Limited Edition Original Collection Twist

Clive Christian: Limited Edition Original Collection Twist

In Dallas to attend the Neiman Marcus beauty conclave, Mr Christian dressed in all black—his signature style, from turtleneck attire to sharp black eye frames. With a proper British accent, our conversation evolved from sharing personal anecdotes of life in the motherland, our love for America and of course his incredible success in the luxury industry. The man is a business marketing genius and a modest one at that. In 2012, he was announced as a recipient on the Queen’s New Year’s Eve Honours List for his contributions as a designer to the British Luxury Goods industry—honoured as an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE).

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