Style: I really could not make up my mind, red or black? Last week I stood with Khanh Nguyen in her showroom, Nhã Khanh atelier, as she measured me for a pair of high-waist, wide-legged pants. Khanh had just returned from New York the night prior and was in a secretively happy mood.

The pants, well, I had seen Khanh wearing her design a few months prior at a Fashion Group International of Dallas event we attended, and I had told her those pants were a must-have. So as we stood staring at the sample last week, Khanh convinced me that red was the best choice, after all, it’s her favourite colour. Two days after my fitting, I picked up my red pants ready to wear to the exhibition opening for Bruce Weber “Far From Home” at the Dallas Contemporary on Saturday evening.

Max Trowbridge and Bruce Weber at the Joule Hotel

Max Trowbridge and Bruce Weber at the Joule Hotel

I’ve forgotten how empowering it feels to wear red—styled casually with a black t-shirt and ruffled sleeves by Victoria Victoria Beckham, Loewe gold metallic bag, and hidden under my pant’s a pair of black YSL patent tribute sandals to give me maximum height for a long leg. After the exhibition opening at the Dallas Contemporary, during dinner on the terrace of the Joule Hotel, legendary fashion photographer Bruce Weber kindly indulged my adoration with a photo.

And the other red thing?

Kate Mckinnon wearing Nha Khanh

Kate Mckinnon wearing Nha Khanh / Image Source: Getty / Kevin Winter

Well, for Khanh, (now a board member for FGI of Dallas, was previously an FGI winner as the Rising Star in Fashion Design in 2012), last night was most definitely a celebrity moment. This morning, Khanh shared why she had such a productive trip to New York, “I was ecstatic when I saw Kate McKinnon arrive on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards, and then it got so much better when they announced the winner for Outstanding Supporting Actress in Comedy. It was a surreal moment to see Kate McKinnon win the Emmy Award in our custom Nhã Khanh gown.”

For Kate, this has to be the best Monday morning ever, winning the award for her role on SNL, and for Khanh, now I know the reason for that secretively happy mood, Khanh shared, “And yes, I was in NYC last week to do a fitting with her. She was so charming and hilarious.”

Congratulations to Kate and Khanh, it’s a funny red thing!