—and how old the fragrance is. The fascination of vanilla oils and scents started during this time, and this was pretty much the only major fragrance with this unique scent—followed soon after by the Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance in 1993, and yes, I bought that too—both divine! So when I think of Thierry Mugler, the potent smell of Angel always springs to mind.

Fast forward, I am still in love with the creative direction of MUGLER, headed by the talented Nicola Formichetti who fascinates me on instagram—you must follow him, I truly wonder how he gets any work done, he’s always at some fab resort or travelling the world.

Last week MUGLER released the first Pre-Fall collection by Nicola Formichetti, check this out!

Mugler Pre-Fall 2013

Mugler Pre Fall 13 (19)

Mugler Pre Fall 13 (13)

Mugler Pre Fall 13 (10)

Mugler Pre Fall 2013

Mugler Pre-Fall 2013

Mugler Pre-Fall 2013

Not sure, which style I love more, the patent leather curved skirt and jacket or the black and white abstract mini suit (minus the fur stole). In true minimalist Thierry form, the light grey coat and skinny pants speak perfection, and the curved fuchsia pink bodice certainly sides as a stylist pre-requisite for any photo shoot—a playful element to any outfit. Roll on Fall 2013..