Trends: Well, I’ve found multiple faces staring back at me over the last few months—abstract at Jil Sander, a memorable Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra at TopShop, a dashing Armani wearing a tuxedo at Giorgio Armani, and an edgy headshot at Betsey Johnson.

Giorgio Armani: Fall 2011

Giorgio Armani: Fall 2011.

Elizabeth Taylor at TopShop Unique: Spring 2012

TopShop Unique: Spring 2012.

So what’s the fascination? I do think fashion has gone to our heads, quite literally; maybe this facial fascination is a deep self-realization that we have all become completely obsessed with our own self-importance, ha!

Jil Sander: Spring 2012

Jil Sander: Spring 2012.

Betsey Johnson: Spring 2012

Betsey Johnson: Spring 2012.

And, let’s not forget the launch of Karl on this month. Mr Lagerfeld’s unmistakable silhouette positioned prominently across one’s chest, would seem most befitting, yes?

Karl Lagerfeld silhouette for the collection Karl.

Well, I am in two minds, if not two faces, as to whether I will be donning the latest visage on my chest. Not for me personally, but I do think it’s fun—if I had to choose a face, then it would be something like a Robb Pruitt punk Panda!