Accessories: Modern, abstract and colourful, the new accessory collection by Christian Dior is well suited for a thoroughly modern Miss. And needless to say, I love this! Art and fashion merge perfectly with this latest collaboration between Berlin-based, abstract artist and sculptor Anselm Reyle and the House of Dior.

A visionary couturier Monsieur Dior began his career in the late twenties at the centre of the French art scene—owning a small gallery that sold artists such as Picasso. Fast-forward eighty plus year’s, and Dior continues the deep tradition of mixing art with fashion—my favourite combination.

The new Lady Dior shimmers in metallic leathers adding a punch of energy that renders the classic timeless bag, a marvellous modern masterpiece. Vivid neon-infused camouflage prints in canvas tote’s, and leather wallets with neon-stitched threads add a zest of zeitgeist.

The famous “C“ and “D” dangling charms glisten with neon and bright Perspex, representing Reyle’s fascination for found objects and industrial materials. And, the collection offers colourful bangles, chunky necklaces, scarves, and selected footwear in chunky platforms—a very shiny, happy collection.

Represented by Larry Gagosian in New York, this is Reyle’s first time working with a fashion brand, which proves to be quite the perfect commencement for a fashionable repertoire.  Layers of subculture, architecture and abstraction permeate Reyle’s style and encapsulate the essence of Dior.

The metallic Lady Dior will only set you back $4,000 – ahem, and this new collection will be available worldwide in January. Start saving now.