On Wednesday evening, all I could think about was how I would love to visit the mothership—Apple. As a mac user for 15 years I didn’t need to be asked twice if I wanted to attend the pre-screening for the movie JOBS, featuring Ashton Kutcher as the visionary, entrepreneur Steve Jobs.

Jobs - The MovieI have to believe that anyone who owns an Apple product is as fascinated with the success of this brand as I am, if not, then this movie is not for you. But, if your day begins and ends with the touch of an iPod, iPad, iPhone, or MacBook then this biographical drama about the beginning of Jobs’ career is a must-see movie.

An inspirational movie for any techy, marketer, or entrepreneur that wants to understand what it takes to create a successful product or company, with Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney, and Matthew Modine leading the Boardroom battles.  My only criticism, it ended at the good part, when all the real fun begins! JOBS: starts today across the nation. Check out: JOBS