DECOR: So I’ve had a little secret obsession with the wildly weird Haas Brothers for a few years now, which I would aptly describe as an oddly romantic infatuation for their otherworldly masterpieces. While I covet a quirky little creature, I mean sculpture, some weird eyeless beast that could be considered scary yet somehow seems adorable— now I can acquire their artwork as an object of décor!

Haas Brothers for L’Objet and Bergdorf Goodman

Haas Brothers desert inspired homeware collection

Last summer, while chilling in the cooler-than-Texas temperatures of Aspen I visited the Colorado base for the Marianne Boesky Gallery on South Spring Street. I was thrilled to see that the contemporary white cube space was exhibiting a show for the Haas Brothers titled, Stonely Planet.

Simply put, the twins, Nikolai and Simon, magically manipulate fantasies of their imagination with artistic craftsmanship into exquisite works of art, and this exhibition showcased their iconic style of cartoonish carved marble sculptures, along with kooky critters in porcelain and fur with accentuated brass appendages.

In addition to the exhibition, the Haas Brothers participated with the Aspen Art Museum, for Aspen Talk, a moderated chat held on the rooftop of the museum. So yours truly sat front and centre and absorbed every artistically idiosyncratic word the twins shared.

Fast forward to this spring, and the Haas Brothers have collaborated on a home collection with L’Objet. Home accessories inspired by the Joshua Tree National Park in California, featuring quirky lovable little monsters in tableware, lighting and table accessories. I’m particularly interested in a bundle of white ceramic, with feet and horns that operate like little chimneys, to allow smoke to escape this novel incense burner, which I find absurdly charming!

Simon and Nikolai Haas, the Haas Brothers collaborate with L’Objet

L’Objet Haas Brothers, boxed plate set and teapot.

Dallas peeps may remember last year during Dallas Art Fair, fair attendees and hotel guests at The Joule Hotel, got up close and personal with the installation King Dong (2016), which was located in the hotel lobby. Notably, the sculpture received a poignant edit, apparently, per the twins, its focal point was removed to allow young children to observe the beastly work without concerns about its gold member (ahem).

Fortunately, King Dong was not replicated into a tableware accessory, although that could make for interesting dinner conversation. However, a serving of delicacies from a monster serving bowl, tastefully accentuated with monster salt and pepper shakers and monster napkin rings, makes for fun dinner chatter every time.

Available online at L’Object and at Bergdorf Goodman, I think everyone needs a little monster in their home.