Maybe you’ve already heard about Esteban Cortazar, maybe you haven’t, but if you like to witness a designer blossom through the next chapter of their career, then you should move Mr Cortazar to the top of your watch list.

Born in Bogotá, Columbia, I first met Esteban Cortazar back in 2002 during my time working for Ocean Drive Magazine in Miami, he visited the office to be featured as a young, emerging designer from Miami at the mere age of 18—when he started his eponymous collection.  By 2007, at the age of 23, Cortazar was offered an amazing opportunity and placed his collection on hold and moved to Paris to take the helm at the House of Ungaro.

Lets just simply say that Cortazar has design integrity—which may of been his downfall at Ungaro, he was let go as Head of Design after he refused to work with Lindsay Lohan—who was hired as an artistic consultant. Who can blame him? Smart choice if you ask me: badly-behaved celebrity vs. luxury integrity—which would you choose? Cortazar should be revered for his reluctance to succumb to the impetuous notions of a flighty thespian, but all in good time, I believe he will have his moment soon enough.



Fast forward ten years and Esteban Cortazar is a wiser, and more experienced designer than his early years in Miami, and now it’s time for him to shine again.  So why I am telling you all this now, well, I am so excited that Esteban Cortazar is back in full force with a sharp collection—watch the exclusive video from below: The Confessions of Esteban Cortazar.

The Confessions of Esteban Cortazar.

Still living in Paris, this Columbian-born designer from Miami with deep Latin-inspired creativity is most definitely a designer to watch. I am excited to see what’s next.  Esteban Cortázar.