Exhibition: Blonde, brunette, red head – take your pick! The Dallas Contemporary is not ‘Bananas’ its absolutely nuts about the latest exhibition Nutcrackers by artist Jennifer Rubell. I met the artist this past Saturday at a brunch hosted by the Dallas Contemporary – naturally I arrived fashionably late, in fact one hour late (so much for thinking this was buffet style – a breeze in, breeze out, kind-of luncheon), only to be seated next to Jennifer at a wonderful seated lunch – how embarrassing!


So the kinds of nutcrackers that you’ll find at the Dallas Contemporary are the superwoman kind, quite literally. Eighteen life-size mannequins preferably described as sculptures showcase the dichotomy of highly-sexualized nudes versus strong, powerful nut-busting females.


Take your turn squeezing the inner thigh of a tall blonde and crushing some nuts – oddly liberating. The exhibition also includes a giant pedestal holding a ton of pecans – and to be precise I mean exactly one ton of Texas pecans. I wonder how long it will take to crush all those nuts?



Exhibition is open now till December 4th – visit current exhibit for more details.