Sustainable Style: Hello Spring 2020

As spring 2020 unveils its dramatic arrival, we are all mostly stressed out as the pandemic of COVID-19 embraces the globe with an uncertainty of what’s next. Besides the impending unknown of how long we will all be trapped at home, I’m just going to keep thinking about the same topic that’s been on my mind for a while: sustainable style, and how our shopping habits can change the world.

Sustainable Style, spring 2020


For me, food and fashion seem to share a similarity these days, it’s all about the ingredients. While one dish might taste super delicious when you review the finer elements of the recipe, there’s a reason why it tasted so good! I do try to substitute sugar, indulge in fewer fats, control carbs, abstain from gluten, forget about lectins, don’t even think about dairy, and meat—totally taboo! It’s a proverbial minefield of decisions about how to live the healthiest version of yourself while supporting the food chain and its effects on our environment.

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Sunny Daze in Floral Fashion

An abundance of floral fashion is blossoming for spring and summer, beckoning a refreshing selection of styles for your wardrobe as invitations to garden parties and summer-weddings arrive.

For me, the silhouette of a dress is always the starting point, a halter-neck, maxi, off the shoulder, body-con, tunic, kaftan, cinched-waist, mini, or slip. Each style symbolises the mood of the moment and the beginning of the story.

Blushing floral fashion party

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Romance with Style on Saint Valentine’s Day

All you need is love! But what do you wear for a little romance with style on Saint Valentine’s Day? A romantic dinner deserves a dash of divine intervention, or aptly a match made in heaven with this decadent mix of velvet, leopard print, embellishments, bows, lovebirds, and ruffles.

Romance with style on Saint Valentine's Day outfit

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A Gift Guide for a Pretty Warrior

A tempting gift guide for girlfriends, or really, a post to share with your significant other to assist with a purchase for the perfect gift you want Santa to sneak into your stocking this Christmas Eve.

Pretty in Pink

I’m too predictable; I love to focus on pink, shades of pink, pink with neutrals, pink with print, patterns and texture. A hint of pink always makes me smile, and this selection of gifts does just that.

Gift Guide for Her

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It’s Sweater Weather: The Death of Simple Knits

It’s officially sweater weather, with chilly breezes blustering away beckoning the need for the cosy comfort of sweaters. No excuse to wear a basic knit this winter; sweaters are styled in an array of exaggerated design, from flared sleeves to oversized, asymmetrical styles with perhaps your favourite animal emblazoned on the front.

sweater weather

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