So, which one do I select, Chanel 2 or Party Girl by Liz Von Hoene, or, maybe a little jungle fever with Disco in the Jungle: Forever Wild by Yee Wong. Last month I collaborated with online art gallery, ArtStar, on an inspiring project with my dear oh-so-stylish friend Gregg Asher.

Party Girl by Liz Von Hoene, ArtStar

Party Girl by Liz Von Hoene, ArtStar

Gregg introduced me to ArtStar during the summer and asked if I would join him on an online collaboration curating a collection of our favourite works. An ArtStar aficionado, Gregg has previously shopped on the gallery-esque digital boutique, so I am grateful for the introduction—perfectly my kind of artful destination.

THE DOBS ISSUE II by Andrea Mary Marshall, ArtStar

THE DOBS ISSUE II by Andrea Mary Marshall, ArtStar

Naturally, Gregg and I love anything related to fashion photography and combined with a few fine art prints, we chatted and conspired, and together curated a divine selection of must-have works that we love! Check out our final selection of works online here.

Founded by Chrissy Crawford Corredor in 2010, and a decade later, ArtStar has carved out a niche network for supporting artists while offering exclusive contemporary fine art prints to an online audience and to-the-trade clients. While Gregg and I enjoyed deliberating over our discerning curation, the most poignant nugget of discovery, really unfolded when I met Chrissy during the ArtStar hosted dinner in Dallas.

Chrissy Crawford Corredor, Founder of Artstar

Chrissy Crawford Corredor, Founder of Artstar

A chat with a female entrepreneur is always the most inspiring conversation, so I asked Chrissy to share a few anecdotes with me.

MMT: Why did you decide to start ArtStar?

CCS: I started working on ArtStar in 2010 at the height of the recession. Artists were struggling to make a living and feeling the impact of the declining economy. ArtStar is a way to not only support working artists but a new revenue stream for their work. We handle all production, so the upfront costs are off the artists’ shoulders. ArtStar allows artists to focus on creating new work and make a living off their art.

MMT: How do you plan to celebrate 10-years in business this year?

CCS: 2020 is a big year for ArtStar. We doubled the size of our New York showroom and hired a full-time curator. Our goal is to add 2 new artists per week to keep ArtStar fresh and exciting.

MMT: Can you name a few artists currently on your personal radar, work you admire or covet and why?

CCS: I am a collector and always looking at new artists’ work. My husband and I collect art by Holton Rower, Jen Stark, and Mickalene Thomas to name a few. I am in love with artists Tim Walker, Heather Day, Eric Cahan, and Lev Khesin. My home is monochromatic, and I like art with bright colours and a strong narrative. Art is the focal point of our home.

MMT: What are your favourite art fairs and galleries that you like to visit throughout the year and why?

CCS: Frieze New York is my favourite fair. I have not been to Frieze LA but heard great stuff about 2020’s fair. Dallas art week has incredible events and charity auctions. Basel Miami art week is a wonderful time to find new artists’ work, but a bit overwhelming with the large crowds. Smaller fairs like the Affordable Art Fair allow younger collectors access to art between $1,000-$5,000. It’s a great place to start collecting.

MMT: If you could share an inspiring thought for someone who would like to start a career in the art world what would you say?

CCS: My advice is to try all aspects of the art world and see where you fit. I would recommend working for an institution, gallery, artist studio, auction house, and start-up like ArtStar before committing. Each facet of the art world is different and it’s great to get lots of perspectives before committing to one field.

Great advice! Thank you to Gregg for asking me to share the experience. Chrissy, you are the Art Star! And now I need to decide which delightful work will look perfect in my home. Check out online contemporary art shopping at ArtStar, visit.