Style: I am always on a quest to find a new designer, some unknown brand or emerging talent—these calculated points ensure you’re not wearing the same dress as someone else at a party.  My most recent search for a stylish ensemble revealed a most serendipitous moment.

As co-chair for the Fashion Group International of Dallas’ annual event, a Night of Stars this past month—I really needed a dress that wasn’t formal, (this was not a black tie gala), yet not cocktail, but a gown that carried its own understated persona.


After much deliberation, and drooling—it was a question of print over matter, and specifically the desire for black and white only. I loved the Lanvin prints from the heavily publicised advertising campaign, regal in a very girly way, Phillip Lim fit my narrow profile, but after many clicks, I found my perfect dress.

3.1 Phillip Lim.

The final selection—enter, Aminaka Wilmont! AKA – Maki Aminaka Löfvander from Japan and Sweden, and Marcus Wilmont from Denmark–quite the unique combination. This London-based design duo has definitely piqued my interest—pedigree designers, that graduated from The Royal College of Art and Central St. Martins. And here comes the serendipitous moment—noted in their bio’s, they met while working for Brit-eccentric designer Robert Cary Williams, or, as I knew him in my past life—Rob Williams, LOL.

Aminaka Wilmont.

Rob doesn’t know this, and it’s probably time to tell him, but for anyone who has ever visited my very small office – I have a masterful fashion illustration on my wall, courtesy of Rob, that he left in the rubbish bin. During our time at college together—for him, it was a design project gone awry, Men’s swimwear I recall—for me, his junk sketch looked like a piece of art, which now sits framed on my office wall.

Brian Bolke and MaxineTrowbridge

Brian Bolke and MaxineTrowbridge

So I gave a little chuckle, when I ordered the dress online and fondly reflected my recent discovery—guess I will now be watching Aminaka Wilmont during London Fashion Week this February.