Earlier this month I met with Aerin Lauder at a cocktail reception hosted in her honour by Ken Downing and Neiman Marcus. Aerin was visiting Dallas to showcase her recently launched beauty line, and chat about her Holiday 2012 Color Collection: An Evening Out and An Evening In.  Post-cocktails, I visited Neiman Marcus at NorthPark Center the next day to chat with Aerin. So, how does one achieve effortless beauty? Aerin knows how…

Tell me about the Holiday Collection?  It’s a wonderfully edited collection that’s really about an evening in or an evening out, very festive, there are two neutral lipsticks—in every collection that we do, I love neutrals and nudes, it’s something that I feel very strong about and it’s something that is unique about this brand. We’ve got the two fashion colours, pinks and deep plum that comes out quite cheery when you put it on and then two nudes, and then these wonderful two new lip glosses that I love.  The palette is really wonderful you can’t make a mistake with it, it’s very easy to apply, easy to mix the colours, and the highlighter on the left is easy for your cheekbone or brow bone, and it’s very easy to update a look from day to evening.

Why did you choose Claiborne Swanson Frank to shoot your ad campaign, how does she represent your brand? As you can see the ad campaign was shot by Claiborne in my apartment. She has become a very good friend, I was constantly hearing her name, so I Googled her and saw her work and thought she really understood the sense of Aerin beauty—it’s effortless style, it’s fashion, it’s still luxurious. In the national ad, the hair isn’t perfect, I’m barefoot, in an ivory silk shirt and jeans (wearing a vintage gold necklace given to her, by her grandmother Estée Lauder), and she really understands women and has a wonderful sensibility.

When you travel, do you have a beauty regime? Travel is the most difficult thing on your skin and your body. I always use the lip conditioner on the plane; I keep reapplying, so I am not dehydrated when I get there. The Re-Nurtiv, Re-Creation line is very moisturising; it hydrates and plumps up your skin.  We also created a clear makeup bag it’s only available on aerin.com, and it’s piped in a pretty fabric so you can take it through security, so no more travelling with a zip lock bag.

What part of the process of creating a new product do you prefer and why? It’s the creative, creating a story. For holiday, it’s all about gold, neutrals and a touch of color and you can see that in the picture—I’m wearing leather leggings, with a touch of purple flowers, the gold accents, the gold jewelry, the storytelling is the process that I love and creating the products, the tester and the imagery.

Your design studio is a place of creative process, where do you find inspiration, what elements inspire you? It can really be from anything, from magazines, from film, from fabric, it can be from the city, vintage ribbons—we go all over the place, art exhibitions, we just did the shoe collection and a lot of the styles were inspired by this store downtown, from vintage straw and shells, it really can be from anything.

Tell me about tabletop décor line and your jewellery collection? Everything is coming out in the next year and a half, so it’s not all at once, launching with beauty, then the candle collection, and a few items that are gold home pieces—festive and pretty and perfect for the holidays. And for spring we are launching a capsule collection of jewellery and shoes. The jewellery is really fun, I can’t say who it’s with yet, but it’s a wonderful partner and its fun, with easy statement pieces, it’s costume, and it’s more fashion driven—and shoes as well for spring. A lot going on, but it’s good

Your Book is slated for next year, what will this be about? For Fall 2013, I’m launching a book with Random House about style, living and entertaining, so it will go with all the different categories.

Share a beauty tip? Skincare, everything starts with skincare. That’s really important—makeup only looks better if your skin is good, and using Re-Nutriv skincare can only make all the make-up look better. That’s my secret.

Visit: Aerin and Neiman Marcus