I interviewed Julie Macklowe founder of vbeauté back in December, and finally posted the story vbeauté: The ‘It’ Kit on PinkMemo this week. Evidently cloning oneself is still not available, so yes; it took a month to get this published, oh well. Better late than never!

Brian Bolke owner at boutique Forty Five Ten, asked me to meet with Julie and sample her new beauty line vbeauté. So I headed to the boutique with Starbucks in hand, iPad ready, and Julie and I got beautifully acquainted.

 Vanessa Cornell, Allison Aston and Julie Macklowe.

Fashion and art are both my Achilles heel—so I found it hard not to get distracted on that topic, rather than the matter at hand. While I am in awe of vbeauté, and Julie’s entrepreneurial endeavors, add Alexander McQueen into the conversation and I break out in a cold sweat.  Macklowe collects ball gowns, and with four pieces showcased in the Alexander McQueen exhibit Savage Beauty, and a recent visit to Dallas to attend the opening of The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art, this ‘It’ girl, knows a thing or two about fashion and art.

Julie Macklowe, Nisa Amoils and Alison Brod.

As Julie informed me, “The most important thing about collecting fashion—it really tells you about a time period, and I love going back and looking at what people wore in different eras.” Julie and her husband, Billy, also collect younger artists, especially photography, and with vbeauté officially launched, Julie plans to rejoin the Whitney’s photography acquisitions committee. “I love photography, and supporting the arts and fashion—what is life without that?” I couldn’t agree more.

So, Brian meets Julie, Julie visit’s Dallas—so how did this stylish coupling occur, one might ask? Naturally the answer was perfect, “I met Brian at Fashion Week, I sat next to him at a show—my friend Becca Cashon Thrash connected us first. Brian was one of the first retailers I spoke to about carrying my prototype ‘It’ Kit.” Voila, kismet!

With the entrepreneurial bug in full swing with vbeauté and a recent investment in BaubleBar, Julie boldly states, “anyone who is an entrepreneur is in it, to win it.” A women on a mission!